Building Material Questions








How does delivery work

We can deliver anywhere in Gauteng, where big orders of cement can be delivered much further out. We do mini and maxi loads of bricks, sand, stone, cement and much more. We will call before we send the driver and we always try to deliver as soon as possible, usually the next day, depending on stock availability. You are always welcome to phone our sales team to find out when delivery will take place. We can unfortunatly not deliver the materials until money has been received, which means cheques and bank transfers must show or be cleared on our side before truck will be dispatched. We deliver bigger loads with crane trucks and smaller loads with flatbed truck. We deliver our sand with tippers and smaller loads will be loaded and offloaded by hand from our flatbed trucks.

How can I find the same brick my house is currently build with

The most effective way is to bring one of the bricks to our office and we can match it with the bricks we have on display to find you the closest possible match. We can also visit your site (Pretoria only) and identify your bricks for you.

Can you work out how much bricks/doors etc. will be needed from a house/floor plan

Yes, we can work out a total quote, from doors to windows to cement to sand to bricks that will be needed to build your house. This is all done for free.

Do you accept Luy-Buys or Installment payments

Yes, you can pay off your building material and delivery will then be made as soon as full amount has been received.