Plant Hire Questions



What kind of services do you offer

We offer TLB ground moving machinery on an hourly or daily basis. We also offer rubble removal, site clearing and truck hire. We offer a complete service, meaning diesel and operator included, all you need to do is tell our operator what must be done on site.


How does the Payment and Time-Calculation work

We start charging you per hour from the time the TLB leaves our site and time will stop only when machine is back in our yard. We charge the same amount per hour for driving time as we do for work on site. You will pay us upfront and if machine works longer, we will stop the machine until further payment is received, or, if machine works shorter than time paid for, we will refund you.


What if I need the TLB for less than 5 hours

We will always try to help our clients as far as possible in regards to our minimum time, please phone us for negotiations.


What happens if the TLB breaks or gets a flat tyre

We will not charge you for the down time, and money will be refunded to you.

Which areas are covered by your services

It depends on how long the TLB will be hired. You can give us a call for more information regarding this.

Do you have 4×4 TLB’s and Excavators

We have 4×4 machines, but no excavators at this stage.